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The Guinness Singing and Swinging Pubs competition is now in its 63rd year. This competition has come a long way since it first started in 1952, and it hasn’t lost an ounce of its unique character in those 63 years. The people who contribute and compete in the Guinness Wexford Singing and Swinging Pubs competition have managed to nurture the event through time. They have also worked hard to ensure the original competitiveness and atmosphere still exists today.

People travel from all over the world to soak up the atmosphere and indulge in the ever expanding talent that Wexford has to offer. Apart from the fact that this is an Over 18s Event, there are no written rules beyond an appropriate time period. We invite you to visit some, or all, of the pubs and hotels taking part to see if you agree with the adjudicator’s decision. The main sections in the competition are Singing, Swinging, Variety and Traditional Style.

Why not decide for yourself when you attend a show what type of house you are in. Crowd participation is a very important element and whether you are in your local pub or visiting for the Festival, you can be as much a part of it as the singers and the musicians. On behalf of Diageo Ireland can I wish all the competitors the best of luck in the competition? I would also like to thank the people of Wexford and all the very welcome visitors for their support over the last 63 years. Let’s make the 63rd year the best ever.

Enjoy the Guinness Singing and Swinging Pubs competition 2015.

Brian Cantwell – Diageo Ireland



The adjudicator will visit each of the pubs and judge their performances over a period of 30 minutes. Following tradition, a Diageo Ireland representative will post the results in the Bull Ring around 11.45 on Thursday 29th October.

Prizes will be presented over the weekend of Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October where the winning pubs will organise a re-run of their shows on those nights.

Guinness Singing & Swinging Pubs Timetable 2015

Fri 16th Oct
10pm The Farmers Kitchen
Sat 17th Oct 10pm Kelly’s, South Main Street
10.45pm The Foggy Dew Inn
11.30pm Sailing Cot
Sun 18th Oct 9.30pm Mary’s Bar
10.15pm Wexford Golf Course
10.55pm Brownes
Tue 20th Oct 9.30pm The Pike
10.30pm Culletons, Whitemill
11.15pm The John Barry
Thurs 22nd Oct
10.15pm Whites Hotel – Library Bar
11pm The Loch and Quay
Fri 23rd Oct
10.30pm Gaynors
11.15pm McGees
Sat 24th Oct 9.30pm The Maldon Hotel
10.20pm The Porter House
11.10pm Billy Kellys
Sun 25th Oct 9.50pm Coopers Inn, Killinick
10.45pm Mary Joes
11.25pm Wexford Arms
Mon 26th Oct 10pm The Gaelic Bar
Tue 27th Oct 9.50pm Jack Baileys
10.35pm The Mocking Monck
11.20pm The Ferrycarrig Hotel
Wed 28th Oct 9.30pm Mackens (The Cape)
10.20pm T. Morris
11.10pm The Merry Elf, Killinick
Thurs 29th Oct 9.20pm The Crown
10pm The Talbot Hotel