Women’s sober living in Atlanta offers a safe and supportive environment where adult women can receive personalized support to help them achieve long-term recovery from addictions to alcohol and other drugs. Our gender-specific home is staffed by an all-female team of compassionate experts who are committed to providing the focused services that best meet the specific needs of each resident. Individuals who are recovering from substance use disorders may benefit from a stay at a sober living home. Sober living homes provide recovery services, community support, and a healthy environment to ease the transition from a drug and alcohol treatment center and prevent relapses. Rachel is the Admissions Manager at Friendly House and is responsible for overseeing all areas related to Admissions. She has been working in the field of mental health, trauma, and substance use since 2014. She has managed a detox facility and held a leadership role as a Recovery Technician for residential treatment facilities.

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Part of an individual’s aftercare plan will be to figure out what residence location will be best for the person immediately following the completion of his or her treatment program. Women in recovery have a number of options when it comes to substance abuse and addiction recovery in Los Angeles. With homes situated in some of the most sought-after cities in the US, our female clients enjoy day trips to Santa Monica beach, walk along the Buffalo Bayou, snow trips to Big Bear mountain, and more.

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I would recommend them to anyone looking for a loving, supportive, and serene place to recover. One of the coolest parts about living clean and sober is finding https://ecosoberhouse.com/ true enjoyment. “Marina House is warm and inviting with a great sense of community. granting me the chance to grow in my recovery in a loving environment.”

  • To provide a safe, supportive living environment with structure and accountability for women so that they may embrace the spiritual principles of recovery and utilize the tools necessary to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.
  • We would share with her our issues and she would teach us how to better our lives through learning and helping others.
  • Grace House offers 2 locations in Ephrata, PA and 1 in Wernersville, PA.
  • These homes include, women only, women with children, and co-ed sober homes.

Please use our extensive knowledge of the treatment industry to find the right program for you. It’s a top notch organization from top to bottom where addicts and alcoholics get the highest quality treatment and care available. We’re here to help provide structure for you to start your new life! We have a live in house manager who is there for you and to help make sure that the house stays on track. We require 6 group support meetings a week–many can be done online but we do require 1 in person meeting a week. Some of our women say that it feels like living in a house with all your best friends.

How Do I Know I Need a Women’s Sober Living?

Peer Coordinators are present as role models to help in this process as well as care for the safety and cleanliness of the facility. Simply Grace exists to provide a safe, structured environment to assist women recovering from substance abuse, help to rebuild their lives and achieve long term recovery. Our sober living homes for women provide space and time to work on yourself in recovery, but the group living arrangements are also a unique opportunity to enjoy living life with other sober women. Eudaimonia’s sober living homes for women provide ample opportunities to connect with other women and develop genuine relationships that are built on acceptance, love, and support. Each of these homes is located in a nice area in the north-central part of the city. These homes are both near a local bus route and within walking distance of several grocery stores, retail locations, and many employment opportunities.

Founded five decades ago, the non-profit has helped thousands of individuals manage their substance use disorder and mental health while improving their mental well-being. Along with de-stigmatizing the disease, Link-House continues to be a thought leader, educator, and partner in the community shedding light and hope for individuals with substance use disorder.

Sober Living Homes for Women in Texas and Colorado

Near Providence, Kayaly Sober Living has a legacy of serving the local recovery community. This well-established sober house will continue to offer unmatched sober living for women in recovery for years to come. Sober livings that are designed specifically for women often provide an atmosphere of comfort and focus where women can do the work of recovery and healing, together. While every woman’s recovery from substance abuse addiction treatment is unique, certain factors such as relationship dynamics, family responsibilities, and emotional and physical wellness tend to resonate more in our female clients. As such, our women’s sober living homes are designed to deal with a variety of emotional, physical, and interpersonal concerns with the utmost care and sensitivity.

  • The Shobers treated me like family when I didn’t have a relationship with my own family.
  • If you’ve been in a treatment facility you know that counselors and staff highly encourage transitioning through Sober Living.
  • This creates a community environment where women support each other daily.
  • Our women’s sober living homes in Los Angeles and Texas provide a space for women to heal and grow.
  • At Transcend, we welcome every woman to join a sisterhood and embolden her to achieve a life reimagined.
  • I have been on the Board since 2000 and was Board President for 3 years.

Homelessness prevention help in San Antonio is critical for those in recovery after treatment. We provide assistance to men & women who are coming out of drug or alcohol rehab or incarceration and need a safe, clean & sober living environment to prevent relapse and reduce the likelihood of more homeless families. Recovery houses offer an alcohol- and drug-free living environment for individuals recovering from substance use disorder. Recovery houses function as a supportive dwelling and do not provide rehabilitation, treatment, supervision, or dispensing or management of medications. Warwick, Rhode Island has a vibrant recovery community serving those in recovery of all ages and backgrounds, in addition to a strong sober living community.


We know what you’re going through, and we’re here to help no matter the situation. For example, it is a sad reality that many women who become addicted to alcohol or other drugs have a history of abuse, assault, and other types of trauma.

women sober living near me

Ellie’s vision is to provide supportive, safe, and comfortable sober living for women in early recovery so that they may thrive and grow in a healthy environment. At 40 years old I found myself back in treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. That was 6 years ago, and I knew I had to change everything in order to change and to stay sober. I was so grateful to find The Grace House and lived in the women-only sober residence close to where I was in treatment. I lived in the houses for 4 months, learned how to communicate with others, live with other women trying to stay sober, and how to be humble and accountable for my actions. I was able to get stronger and stronger at the Grace House and now 6 years later have started a successful business and stay close to the members, alumni, and founders of the Grace House. Orange County Sober Residences and Sober Living in Huntington Beach provide recovering guests with an alcohol and drug free living environment that are governed by a uniform standard set of practices.

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She is passionate about working with those that identify as female and non-binary. Emily had her own struggle with addiction and began working in treatment in 2013 at Beit T’Shuvah where she helped develop their Extended Care Program. She spent two years working for The People Concern with the unhoused population. Her service work connected clients to social services programs, and provided education on harm reduction and medication assisted treatment . The Butterfly Way is a sober living experience for mature women — a serene, supportive environment where women embrace transformation. We offer a home away from home where women can focus on themselves and develop new coping and life skills. The Grace House was initially opened in 2010 by Phil and Gerri Shober to assist women in the recovery community as they transition back to full independent living.

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Creating a safe, nurturing, supportive foundation for sobriety is our ultimate goal at Imagine Women’s Recovery. Sober living is an excellent step for women transitioning from a drug and alcohol treatment center or struggling to maintain sobriety in an unhealthy environment. A sober living home, such as The 4th Dimension, can provide sober living the structure and support you need to live confidently and successfully substance-free. A sober living facility is a residential location where people can live for varying lengths of time, post treatment. Every person that resides in a sober living facility will have to abide by the rules of the residence and maintain sobriety.