Effective test planning is specifically significant in the development of large software systems. This means full visibility and transparency across all stages of the STLC. The test reports generated can help you tell exactly at which point the test failed so you don’t waste much time in tracing and replicating the bug. The company provides exposure to learning and working with new tools, technology, and automation. Easy User Interface enables users to track the testing activities. It provides the ability to import and export issues, tests, steps, and requirements.

You can set your integration benchmark based on your needs. Most teams today use bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, etc. Check whether your shortlisted tools integrate with these bug tracking apps or other SDLC apps. Test management tools help you verify that your tests are covering all the required functionality of the application. This helps you mitigate risk and ensure that your features are working properly before a release. A test management strategy enables you to assign a particular task to the person with the right skills to accomplish that task.

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TestRail is a Web-based GUI interface that allows users to create test plans, test cases and manage test execution all in one central place. SpiraTest is a test management software that enables the user to create and run tests. You can run test cases and then use the rest execution wizard to record them as pass or fail. You can use XML report templates and customize them with graphs and charts. RTH is another web-based open-source tool, and it stands for the Requirement and testing hub. It is used to manage the requirements, test results, and also have bug tracking facilities.

When test management tools are needed

In the event of a fail, you can immediately ask the owners of the issue. TestMonitor is an end-to-end test management tool for every organization. Whether you’re implementing enterprise software, User Acceptance Testing , need QA, building a quality app or just need a helping hand in your test project, TestMonitor has you covered. Tuskr is a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing and intuitive cloud-based test management tool. With its unbeatable pricing, a generous free plan, and a 30-day free trial, Tuskr should be on top of your evaluation list.

Structuring the test process

Of course, this is a guideline to limit your selection of Test Case Management Tools. The next step is the tough work of trials, demos, and putting the tool through its paces. The proof of concept is the key to success and may require collaboration and close support from the solution provider. A simple list of customers of the tool and a few minutes of analysis should tell you if the tool can be a fit for your business. Everyone in the company should be able to find, view, and contribute to a test plan or test cases. At a minimum, the engineering and testers should be able to rapidly generate a test strategy as a digital artifact.

Defects can be categorized into different types, including bugs, enhancements, issues, change requests, and risks. Defects can be logged in the system either through the web interface or by sending an email to a specific email address. These are some examples of the options for linking with external parties. Also, there is an open API, with which your entire database can be accessed for accessing data or adding data.

  • You should be able to track and update the list of modules under test and being released.
  • It enables teams to implement test management, release management, requirement tracking and defect tracking across all their projects.
  • Integrate risk into your development, and to your QMS, to assure full traceability, and save 30% of the resources spent on manual management.
  • Smartbear Zephyr is a test management solution available on-premises and in the cloud that allows you to monitor all your tests from one location.
  • In addition, a test management tool should offer real-time analytics and metrics on software quality and provide a single pane of glass to view all aspects of the testing cycle.
  • It improves test coverage, as it takes care of requirement management and test case creation and execution.

Professionally tailored UI/UX with high performance to keep your team productive when using this tool. With these selection criteria in mind, we looked for test management systems that can integrate into a CI/CD pipeline or for use when trialing new software purchases. It makes sure the visibility of our project with customized dashboards and reports.

It makes it simple for the team to view all the testing activities in a single application. It improves test coverage, as it takes care of requirement management and test case creation and execution. Automation test results in the test management tool are desirable. Your test management tool must provide ready integration or API to connect with variety of tools.

Quick & Easy Manual Testing

The right testing platform must track all tests that are executed, logging results and documenting coverage. Creating specific tests requires QA teams to define test cases, break them down into detailed steps, and assign manual or automated test scripts. Some https://globalcloudteam.com/ of the best open-source tools for test management are, BugBug, Tuleap, Nitrate, and Kiwi TCMS, and the list is never-ending. There are countless other tasks in which the test management tools help. The only thing you need to ensure is choosing the best tools.

Test Case Management Streamline test case management to maximize quality assurance. Test management software should be flexible to be adapted to the unique demand of each project. Following is a handpicked list of Top Test Management Tools, with their popular features and website links. Create custom filters and alerts to notify stakeholders about requirements without test traceability, or for requirements that are linked to failed test cases.

When test management tools are needed

Share and reuse test cases across projects to promote standards, scale best practices, and make it easier to create and maintain test cases. How leading organizations are extending quality strategies across the enterprise application landscape, from SAP to Salesforce and beyond. In her free time, she plays with her Persian cat, and she loves fishkeeping. She is also good at making craftworks, painting, and cooking.

You should shortlist test management tools based on your budget. You should also consider employee training cost on the tool while factoring the budget. It can be integrated with all the continuous integration tools. Integrate test data management tools comparison risk into your development, and to your QMS, to assure full traceability, and save 30% of the resources spent on manual management. Companies can integrate the definition and implementation of risk mitigation plans.

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They are designed to integrate seamlessly into your tool stack and will help you become far more productive and efficient. Some test automation companies try to get you to use their own test management tool. You know best what your requirements are and what your tool stack looks like. But we strongly encourage everyone to start using test management tools. Zephyr Squad is better for Agile teams to have a flexible and seamlessly integrated test management tool that works as a native Jira application. With Zephyr Squad, one can create tests cases, execute tests, and view test execution reports.

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SmartBear Releases State of Software Quality Testing Report.

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For example, the tool can help define which control elements are required for a specific risk and assign action items. Boost up your team’s productivity, optimize device idle time, reduce waiting & travelling cost for your projects by enabling remote access to any mobile device you have. PractiTest – Test management software with real-time test monitoring, bug testing, customizable dashboards, smart filtering, and more.

Test case development

Software quality oversights can cause a company high monetary loss, reputation loss, or expose its litigation risks. A good test management tool is the key to avoiding bugs and defects getting into production. XStudio is a complete application lifecycle management solution to help software teams deliver projects from start to finish. XStudio is available in multiple editions with different feature sets so you can choose the features you need for your projects. It supports managing manual test cases, exploratory testing and test automation all in one platform.

When test management tools are needed

Before you start examining different tools, make sure you are clear on the needs of your organization or project. It is wise to involve all stakeholders, both IT and business, in this inventory. Especially as the role of end-users in testing and acceptance is increasing. For example, testing with end-users is different from testing with test professionals.


The right test management platform will offer significant advantages over manual efforts or test management processes that rely on simple documents and spreadsheets. In addition to keeping track of the outcomes of tests, a testing platform should alert the right people when bugs are found and keep track of efforts to address them. The right test management tool should coordinate test resources and ensure that tests are executed properly and in a timely fashion. Yes, Selenium is the test management tool to conduct automated tests on web browsers. Finally, you get traceability between requirements, defects, and execution. Occasionally teams are forced into compressed timelines so full segments of testing may be paused or skipped based on the risk to your customers.

Traceability is an essential criterium in a test management tool. It is important to maintain relationships how and when specific test results were achieved and which derived this caused issues. Besides, you always want to know what impact, status changes, comments, and so forth. You want to see this information related to people, but also to dates and times. If a problem has a retest status, you want to quickly schedule a retest with the right test cases and correct testers.

The test management process is intensive, as it requires a significant amount of time and resources to plan. Fortunately, deploying a central testing management tool can help them keep everything in order. Improve product quality through continuous testing Test early and often with an integrated development process to find issues when they’re relatively inexpensive to fix. You’ll get to market faster, lower development cost and improve product quality. Once the testing process is over, it’s time to prepare a test report and evaluate the data. This report helps identify the developed software quality, test coverage, and required improvements or modifications.

Research indicates that software quality assurance accounts for more than 50 percent of the total cost of the software. So, choosing the right test case management tool is even more important. There are literally dozens of test management tools to choose from, and we can’t tell which is the right one for you.