A newly sober client may feel optimistic about their progress in early sobriety and ready for a fresh start in a relationship. They may not be focused on the past, where there likely was a pattern of several years of harmful behavior in the relationship. These issues cannot be resolved overnight, even if the client sincerely apologizes for past actions. Any action taken toward rebuilding the relationship is a victory, and these small steps must be celebrated. Do you realize the need to rebuild your life after deciding to enter a recovery program? Do you wonder what it looks like to embark on this rebuilding journey? The word “rebuild” may indicate a big project, and in some ways, it is.

where to start at rebuilding your life after addiction

Most of our recovery programs have similarities with others, but it’s still unique to me. You need to find out what things help keep you sober, what things are positive and beneficial to rebuilding your life, and what things are going to be negative. When we say your recovery must come before everything else that doesn’t mean you love your kids any less, or you don’t care about your job and providing for your family.

Don’t Act Like A Victim

Our licensed therapists and addiction specialists will create a treatment plan specifically for you. You can start to rebuild yourself, your family, and all your important relationships. Addiction is treatable and you can learn to trust and respect yourself again. At Little Creek Recovery, we understand the process and have experience in helping people regain their core values.

You may just need to reset your mental mindset back to recovery. There are some legitimate reasons why you may find yourself at a bar or club. Weddings, https://en.forexrobotron.info/64-sober-living-homes-in-seattle-washington/ business meetings, awards dinners and other events often include drinks or gatherings at places that serve alcohol or where drugs may be obtained.


This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure FHE Health is trusted as a leader in mental health and addiction care. Addiction can disrupt virtually every aspect of an individual’s life, from their financial stability to their interpersonal relationships. After completing rehab, they may feel overwhelmed by the changes they need to make. However, therapies like group counseling help you to understand that your problems are not as uniquely yours as you thought they were. Many people have similar struggles and thought patterns. Individually and in tandem with others, you learn how to use healthy coping skills to deal with challenges as what they are; a part of life and not an attack against you.

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Use what you’ve learned in treatment to focus on a constructive life after addiction. Having friends who drink alcohol or use drugs can cause you to relapse. Try to find sober friends who understand what you have been through, and help you start rebuilding your new life. If you go out with your friends, ask them to not drink around you or how to overcome alcoholism just avoid going to places where you may get access to drugs and alcohol. The right friends will support you and help you stay sober. Establish a healthy lifestyle – Drugs take a major toll on the body. As part of your life after addiction, it is important to eat a healthy diet, establish normal sleep patterns, and exercise regularly.